We are a small museum that punches above its weight!

In 2017, SJIMA presented its blockbuster exhibition devoted to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast and Inuit from the Hudson Bay area. More than 30 First Nation artists, emerging and legendary, were represented from five different outstanding private collections.

Photo by John Miller

Voices of the ancestors spoke through the work of a new generation of First Nation artists and their honored mentors. One visitor breathlessly said, “I work at the Smithsonian and we don’t have First Nation art this fabulous!”

We create programs to bring cultural awareness to residents and visitors alike. SJIMA’s volunteers work hard to bring the best of the best to our islands.

We appreciate any support you chose to give.

EMERGENCE: First Nation Legendary & Emerging Artists Exhibition, SJIMA, 2017

Unique Donor Day - Join the Game!

In this game every unique donor counts toward the prize. Everyone can be a unique donor and even kids giving just $10. Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, cousins, sisters and brothers can participate to help their favorite nonprofit.

As the amounts need not be large, it encourages participation from everyone. Enjoy the act of giving. You can teach kids about giving or honor a recipient while offering meaningful support to SJIMA.

First place non-profit gets a bonus of $1000; second place receives $500 and third place gets an extra $250. Remember all credit card fees are covered by OICF so the nonprofits get the whole intended donation. (If you give $300 across 5 nonprofits you are just one unique donor for this game.)

Thank you for your support!

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