One in ten residents of San Juan County is an US military veteran.

The MY WAR: Wartime Photographs by Vietnam Veterans exhibition depicted the everyday life of the war from a number of soldiers’ photos, poems and journal entries.

“The images were evocative — the tragedy, the boredom, and the rare moments of humor shared by a group of Americans who served their country in an unpopular war half a world away.” - G. Bruels

Photo by Donald Cordi

As part of this touching exhibition, SJIMA with the local American Legion Post conducted a sharing circle.

“Included were veterans, spouses, those who had protested the war, and those who just wanted to learn more. It was an emotional and healing 2 hours.” - G. Bruels

Some family members said as a result of visiting the exhibition their husband, brother, father or sister shared their Vietnam experiences for the first time ever. It was finally time to heal.

IN DIFFICULT TIMES-Art museums are a place of peace and healing. Art can help present issues in ways that words cannot.

"Art museums can play a key role in facilitating community dialogues and the SJIMA is doing an excellent job providing that for our community." - G. Bruels

There is so much we want to do to support our community and artists and bring the 6000+ visitors to see their works.

Thank you for your ongoing support of SJIMA.

The Orcas Island Community Foundation covers all bank fees so the whole amount you donate online goes to the non-profit.

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