Dear to our Hearts...

Entangle by Raven Skyriver, photo by Peter Kuhlein our precious and fragile natural environment. The islands have a unique and environmentally sensitive position in the Pacific NW, one we all want to protect.

SJIMA’s provocative art showcases our natural beauty and reflects regional values, while inviting our thousands of visitors to join us in protecting our extraordinary environment.

DEEP DIVE’s messages concerned the Salish Sea’s 113+ endangered species. Robert Dash’s Food For Thought dramatized climate change’s impact on our food supply. Photographer Susan Middleton’s astoundingly photographs provided a window to the surprising world of marine invertebrates.

Marine ecosystems are vital to all life not only because the world’s oceans are a rich natural resource but because they also produce more than 50 percent of the oxygen that we breathe and regulate the climate,” she said.

We can work to save and protect what we love...together.

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