Susan Singleton, Kandis Susol and Hannah Alex-Glasser










Beginning as a conversation between three artists, the palpable harmony and resonance between our respective work and approaches inspired us to present it together, as one three-part voice.

As women artists, over many decades, we have shared an enduring commitment to our work. We feel that particularly in today’s world, this work carries an urgently-needed and important counterbalancing voice. It is interwoven on different levels with the natural environment, using materials and processes indigenous to our beautiful Northwest area and to human, particularly female endeavor worldwide–hand-built clay, paper, sewing and wax. We present this work as an embodiment of love, grief and healing for a beautiful, pain-filled world.

Excerpt: TRIO
by Christian Carlson of the Perry and Carlson Gallery

"When the work of Susan Singleton, Kandis Susol and Hannah Alex-Glasser is exhibited together, one recognizes a rare occurrence; that ability for mature work in different mediums, toward different ends, to resonate so profoundly that each is lifted. Installing Tears For The World in the Perry and Carlson Gallery, we witnessed this dialogue between the works of three women from the islands of the Pacific Northwest become an ensemble as much as a group show.

In the way that the loosely described Northwest School brought the qualities of dappled light, mysticism and the quietude of Pacific Northwest nature to their audiences in the mid 20th century, Kandis, Hannah and Susan’s work dialogues on such a level – the quiet power of monochrome schema, the play of light on surfaces and the viewer’s experience of being drawn, layer after layer, into complexities where singular experience awaits."



Janet Ketcham Foundation, Cassandra Carothers, John Ketcham Foundation and the Swigert Warren Foundation