John F. Heric


December 10, 2016 - February 18,2017









From a young age, John Heric (1942 – 2011) engaged in art across a wide variety of mediums – sculpture, music, drawing, and painting. He diligently pursued his passion for sculpture at Arizona State University and later at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, earning a B.F.A. and M.F.A. For 34 years, he instructed undergraduates at the University of Arizona, instilling in them a passion for crafting stories and a willingness to adapt and grow as artists. His work, created in stone, steel, plastics, and bronze, demonstrate the breath of his talent and true embodiment of this principle. His work was featured in numerous exhibitions across the United States, from Arizona to Wisconsin to Minnesota. Attracted to solidarity lifestyle, Heric moved to San Juan Island after retiring from teaching. His work continues to inspire artists of all ages today.

Studied: Arizona State Univ. (B.F.A., 1963) with Ben Goo; So. Illinois Univ., Carbondale (M.F.A., 1965).

​Exhibited: Group Show-1965, St Paul (MN) Mus. Art, 1965; Sculpture 1966 Invitational, Madison, WI, 1966; Wichita Biennial Nat. Crafts Exhib., 1966; Exhib. Chicago, Univ. Illinois, Chicago Circle, 1966; Arizona Crafts, Tucson AC, 1967 (best of show); Arizona Ann., Phoenix Art Mus., 1968 (first prize, sculpture); 4th-7th Southwestern Invitational, Yuma, AZ, 1969-72; Yuma AA, 1971(purchase award); Art Wagon Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ, 1970s

Member: Arizona Designer Craftsmen (rep., 1971).

Work: Arizona State Univ. Collections, Tempe; Grossmont College Collections, El Cajon, CA; Mesa (AZ) Community College; Ridgewood H.S., Norridge, IL; Glendale (AZ) Community College. Commissions: steel sculpture, Ridgewood H.S., 1964; complete courtyard, Sopoti Sch., Saguarita Sch. Dist., Tucson, AZ, 1971.

Comments: Preferred media: stone, steel, plastics, bronze. Teaching: Wisc. State Univ., Platteville, 1965-67; Arizona State Univ., 1967-69; Univ. Ariz., 1969-.

Sources: WW73; articles, Craft Horizons (1965 & 1970).

Atrium SpaceThe Atrium Space is devoted to site-specific installations exploring the nexus of art and the environment. The Atrium Space is a steel and glass structure designed by architect Richard Hobbs and is dedicated to site-specific installations that respond not just to the architecture, but to the dramatic environment within the space.” This space is not climate controlled and has specific requirements.

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