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  • Docent program developed.

  • Attendance rose to 7000+. A 36+% increase over 2019!

  • Nine months of social media coverage on multiple mediums. 

  • Added four new board members.

  • Recognition and funding from Lodging Tax of Town and San Juan County.

  • Joined Archipelago Collective for chamber concert at SJIMA-90 attendees.

  • DEEP DIVE had it all-media-film, dance, photos and music.

  • Governor Inslee’s praise opened DEEP DIVE and Congressman Larson attended for MY WAR.

  • Daylong symposium explored our Salish Sea preservation issues.

  • Exhibitions-11 in all media with significant community cooperation from Vietnam veterans, American Legion, farm and agriculture community, San Juan Island Grange and orcas and Salish Sea preservation groups.

  • The Hospitality Committee provided OUTSTANDING refreshments and decorations appropriate to each occasion.

  • Smashing County Fair turnout and profits.

  • Funding for educational materials expanded the offerings with exhibitions and programs.

  • First full year with three part-time employees.

  • Started planning exhibits for two years into the future.

  • FAD expanded to the whole year.

  • Examined strategic expansion of physical plant for the future.

  • Donor appeals conducted for Giving Tuesday and end of year giving.

  • Membership renewals out 3X a year.

  • Artists’ Registry show had fabulous works and People’s Choice Awards.

  • Fund-a-need and silent auction nets $1200.

  • Continued efforts to grow number of donors and sponsors. 

  • Volunteer Appreciation Party  -40 attendees with donors as speakers.

  • Produced social media clips and PBS film.

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