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JUNE 10 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

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Two Hadza hunters overlook their territory bordering Lake Eyasi, east of the Serengeti Plains, Tanzania

AFRICAN TWILIGHT: Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies is a celebration of the beautiful artistry and boundless creativity of Africa’s cultural heritage, transporting viewers into a world of connections between individual and community, body and soul, land and people. 


This landmark body of work is a celebration of the beautiful artistry and boundless creativity of Africa’s cultural heritage for audiences worldwide. The 85 photographs and 10 videos included in the exhibition, covering the last 15 years of their fieldwork in 48 African countries, bring the vibrancy, intimacy, personal connection and meaningful understanding for which the Beckwith/Fisher collaboration is renowned. The images capture the vast cultural diversity of the continent and span the human life cycle from birth to death, covering unique initiation ceremonies into adulthood, colourful rituals of courtship and marriage, the splendour of power and leadership in Royal Kingdoms, seasonal rites of survival, diverse religious beliefs, healing practices and, finally, extraordinary rituals of death and the fascinating role of the afterworld.

Turkana Girl, Kenya

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JUNE 24 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2021



"Whoever sits here..."


A Detroit conceptual artist, Mark, intends his work to provoke contemplation of racism in America. Create your own private moments.